Schedule LG - 30 minutes

1st Activity (Approx.10 Minutes)-

~Raz-Kids~You are to complete a minimum of 1 total book.
→Click HERE to Start←

2nd Activity (5 Minutes)-

Practice Your Math Facts. Please Choose One Below:
→Click HERE to practice math

3rd Activity (10 Minutes)-
Click HERE to play Starfall.
Reading Games
Sight Words With Samson

4th Activity (15 Minutes)-


YEA! You Have Worked Hard Today- Enjoy 5 Minutes of Choice Time:Select from the list below! (Or return to any of the previous activities!) Thanks for coming. :)

Learning Planet
→OCSD Math Games HERE.
→Please enjoy Zipper's Pipe Panic game by clicking HERE! (DO NOT LEAVE THAT PAGE!)
→Click HERE to play Meteor Multiplication.
→You may play TIMEZ ATTACK.
→Test your mad driving (and math and language arts and...) skills here at the ARCADEMIC ARCADE.
→Like POPTROPICA? Good. Click HERE to log-in and play. Be sure to save your log-in information so you can continue your game later!
→Enjoy Crayon Physics. Click on DOWNLOAD DEMO, click on RUN, When it has downloaded, Install and Play. Ask for help if you get confused! :)


↑Smile and GET BACK TO WORK!